People Who Produce Things

–“Money and March Madness” is tremendous, it has it all: Mark Emmert comparing student athletes to “janitors,” Michael Lewis and Sonny Vaccaro making smart common sense observations about “amateurism” and the NCAA, Lowell Bergman doing his dogged, “Journalist-With-A-Capital-J” routine. Above all, it’s a 25-minute segment that accomplishes more than one of my  angry 2,000 word rants about the exploitation of college labor ever could. Not that I haven’t written one of those before and won’ t do it again. [FRONTLINE]

–Successful NCAA basketball programs aren’t graduating their players!?! And they don’t seem to really care!?! Cue the moral outrage. Wasn’t this just called “Pulling a Tarkanian”  back in the Shark’s days? [KCIA; ESPN]

–If you haven’t been following HSAC’s movie series (it’s cross-posted on Deadspin), then you should be. If, that is, you’ve ever wondered what the box score from the movie Space Jam would look like. [HSAC]

–“Are You Sports Management or Communications? An interactive guide to the preferred majors of college basketball stars.” Again, not about to try and beat Slate at the headline-writing game. [Slate]

–Been meaning to post this for awhile: Brian Phillips, who is much better at writing than you are, talking about financial “fair play” in soccer. [Run of Play]

Haven’t been here for a while, but the blog seems fine. Maybe needs more punk.

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