People Who Produce Things

–Darren Rovell, the world’s most prolific tweeter, will fight tweet suppression wherever it exists. As in the above screen grab,  which Rovell found in “Don’t Bet On It” the NCAA’s guide-to-not-gambling. (The NCAA’s Goodell-like, Twitter-hating turn via.) [Twitter]

–Also on the mind of the NCAA amateurism police: the rise of seven-on-seven high school football, which is rapidly becoming a secondary market for the recruitment of promising high school athletes. The NCAA is going to do some serious pearl-clutching over this thing, because it has morphed, predictably, into an AAU-style money/influence funneling free-for-all. In fact, they’ve launched an investigation–they’re good at those–into the activities of that perennial bugaboo of theirs: “street agents” (and other, more mysterious “third parties”). Thank god. Now let them retire to the fainting couch and repair their nerves. [New York Times]

–The NFLPA rejected the NFL’s offer to turn over profitability data. That may not sound like progress, but trust me, it is. [SI; CNBC]

–You can’t very often beat whoever it is that writes Slate’s headlines: “The Great Carmelo Debate: Why can’t basketball stat nerd’s separate the superstars from the ball-hogs?”. [Slate]

–You saw it mentioned in the Slate article, but the annual Sports Analytics Conference, hosted by MIT’s Sloan Center for Management, happened last week. Get belatedly excited. [B.I.]

(Eric Spoelstra) Strikes Again…

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