People Who Produce Things

I don’t deserve to be doing yet another link dump thingy, as that means my blog is officially just 2/3 aggregator at this point, but I swear I’ll post more actual work as soon as I stop being miserably sick all the time; and very soon I’ll post some ideas about how to increase athletics revenue, it just needs a little more reporting…

For now:

–The union forever! Sort of. [The Atlantic]

–This is cool. The regional econ impact of UNR athletics is $18.5 million. That’ll have to be discussed some more. [NNBW]

–Buzz Bissinger will be the first to tell you that no one else has the balls to acknowledge what Buzz Bissinger is completely unafraid to acknowledge!!! [Daily Beast]

–I know which side of the NFL negotiations Sally Jenkins is on and I’m with her. [WaPo]

–Jenkins’ mention of accidental comedic genius/real-life roller coaster tycoon Dan Snyder reminds me that everyone should read this. [Washington City Paper]

Can I really post music on here for no reason? No? O.k.

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